Company Culture is Critical

In late 2007 I was enticed back into a corporation after 25 years as a consultant. Into a bank known for its culture and its focus on Service Service Service. Then it was taken over by a bank with a prideful culture known for Sales Sales Sales.

I hated it and couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there. Been gone 12 years this month.

Yay me!

Things Change

Expect that. Have a Plan B and C and D and … if you can.

Not everyone can have a realistic and feasible escape plan.

Down Shifting

I was asked to join this bank and implement my Curriculum Architecture Design efforts by an L&D leader with good intentions. Then they left as the stuff began to hit the fan, so to speak, with the financial meltdown of late 2008 here in the USA.

I thought I’d see what the next regime was all about. I’d gotten off the consultant merry-go-round as the travel was getting tiresome.

I really like the first regime – as it was all about Service to the customers – with the belief that Sales would follow. I was to have a staff of 85 and own curriculum architecture and then development and some of deployment.

The second regime was all about Sales – in any way – by hook or crook – that they could ring up. The customers and their needs be damned.

They wanted me to stay on – with promises about the second assignment in a year or two – after a new one that was being proposed/pitched/sold to me as the next assignment – from my new boss who was already 4 years into a 2-year job rotation. I didn’t buy it. But I needed to wait until they offered me The Package – The Parachute.

Then that all got dragged out, as they sweetened the offer (in their minds, not mine) a few times.

Sales often feels like manipulation – especially when it’s not in your best interest. Especially if you’ve been there before. Especially when the writing is clearly written on the walls.

Enough said.

Enough clues.

Carry on.

And take a look around now and know your path to the nearest exit door should an emergency occur.


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