Stop the L&D Escapism to Far-Far Transfer Activities

Far Transfer isn’t a “possible thing” according to Richard E. Clark, EdD, professor emeritus from the University of Southern California – although many in L&D act as if it is.

See my recent post quoting Dick Cark – here.

From Dick’s email to me back in July 2022 – “This issue is referred to as “near” and “far” transfer issue. The more “near” the expected transfer, the more similar the training and application domains.  Android to iPhone is near transfer.  Chess to battle environments is far transfer.  The distance between near and far is a continuum of course.” 

Perhaps Escape Rooms are seen as a way to “jazz up” L&D Content/Experience to improve Engagement scores via Fun Stuff – because perhaps the L&D Content isn’t authentic enough AND required by the Learners to be Engaging Enough by itself.

I think the real solution lies in the Analysis that informs Design & Development – rather than in Inauthentic Activities that increase Activity for the sake of Activity.


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