Competencies and Performance Competence

From the Past – Summer 1993 Newsletter

I believe that the 2 are different.

From back in the day, when “Competencies” were becoming all the rage…

Performance Competence Vs. Competencies

But Competencies have become – and even back then had become – a watered down, easier to administrate for HR’s recruiting/selection, T&D, Performance Appraisal processes.

It’s the difference between “Blue Colored Water” – and the specific chemical composition.

The former is easier – the latter more difficult. And the latter is generally more meaningful.

Determining Performance Competence Requirements

I cover that in my book – and it is the subject of many of my Blog Posts on this site, several audio podcasts, and School of PACT Video Shorts Series.

See the Resources Tab to follow up with those as you wish.

For info about this book – please go here.

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