It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Out There. Keep Your Balance.

Keep a Technology Blend in Mind

One size does not fit all. Especially in Learning. Learning first needs to be authentic – to be meaningful to the Learner and to help motivate them for Mastering and Transferring what they have mastered to the job – the Performance Context.

Authentic Learning is easy to describe and proscribe – authentically – in Enterprise Learning vs Educational Learning vs Personal Learning.

Use of various computer technologies may or may not each be appropriate for meeting all of the Learners’ needs for developing awareness, then knowledge then skill. As Learners climb those Learning Curves you might require different computer technologies.

But the one technology to use at all times – THE technology – is the application of science in the construct of those Learning strategies and methods.

And to slow the Learners’ descents down the inevitable Forgetting Curve – you can use different Computer Technologies as well.

Find the optimum blend.

Balance Your Foci – On Today and Tomorrow

Focus on Today’s needs to Protect the Enterprise.

Focus on Tomorrow’s needs to Improve the Enterprise.

Focus on Today’s needs to Improve the Enterprise.

Focus on Tomorrow’s needs to Protect the Enterprise.

Not every rock in the fields should be moved – unless it is in the way.

Some rocks help stabilize the ground.

Not every need for Knowledge/Skills is best met with Formal Learning. Not best from a Learning standpoint, nor an ROI standpoint.

Sometimes you just need to Learn to live with a squeaky wheel.

If you are not being both strategic and planful – about what you are doing – you will soon be out of sync – and playing an expensive game of catch up. Besides having wasted Enterprise Resources.

Be a Good Steward of Shareholder Equity

You’d want everyone to do so – if it were all YOUR money.

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