L&D: Exactly What Are You Certifying?

Certificates of Dubious Achievement Abound

Badges too. IMO – most Certificates certify attendance – physically or virtually – fulling engaged or fully distracted. And that your payment has been successfully processed.


Or you passed a test or quiz. And your payment was successfully processed.

But not much more. Except that your payment has been successfully processed.

Not that you’ve proven some capability to apply what you were exposed to. Not that you can still recall it after sliding down the forgetting curve of time.

Simply – your payment has been successfully processed.


Performance-based Certification

When you are serious about Certification – or Qualification.

My former business partner (1982-1997), the late Ray Svenson, and I wrote and published this book back in 2008. We made it available as a Free PDF.

2008 PB EQCS Book Cover

From the book:

There was a slight disagreement between two camps.

The Human Resources folks were very comfortable with the word “certification.”

But the Maintenance Managers wanted to use the word “qualification” which carried a more rigorous connotation.

The easy compromise was to label this effort “Qualification/Certification.”

This was the situation in our consulting engagement, back in 1987, at the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay for 20 technical populations. The Qualification/Certification effort was tied to a Pay Progression Program. So it had everyone’s attention.

It was a Pay for Demonstrated Capability program – via 2200+ Performance Tests –  proving capability – whether used on the job or not. Some things were knowledge and skills needed in an emergency – and emergencies were rare. We were the third consultant group brought in to address the client’s need.

Employee performance-based Qualification/Certification Systems – available here as a Free PDF – and is also available as a $15 Paperback book – and $7.50 as a Kindle – for more and to order – please go – here.

Certify Performance Capability

Not attendance. Not that someone’s payment has been successfully processed.

Certify the Ability to Do – To Perform.

The ability to perform tasks to produce outputs to stakeholder requirements.


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