T&D: Where Does the Analysis Data Go In Design?

The PACT Processes for ISD – Uses All of the Analysis Data Collected

In the 1980s and early 1990s I wanted my ISD methods – that I was developing for our staff and subcontractors and clients to learn – to be lean.

They are. Two of the Analysis Output-sets are:

  • Performance data
  • Knowledge/Skill data

All of this data is used DIRECTLY in the Design formats.

They flow from the Facilitated Group Process Analysis effort into the Facilitated Group Process used in Event and Lesson Design.


Performance data and the Enabling K/S data flows right into design templates – which are completed in front of “the” Master Performers who generated that data – so that they’re not second guessing that data as they are being facilitated in its downstream use.


Performance Data

Impacts the Learning Objectives – and the APPOs (Application Exercises) – and the DEMOs if needed.

DEMOs are not always needed. APPOs aren’t always needed. Learning Objectives are.


Enabling K/S Data

These flow right into the INFO column of the Lesson Map format. They also impact/flavor the DEMOs that demonstrate the terminal performance – as well as into the APPOs where that terminal performance is practiced.



The book that presents the PACT Processes and Lesson Mapping. The book was originally intended to augment my training sessions used for a PPTT – PACT Process Technology Transfer effort.


The PACT Processes


  • CAD – Curriculum Architecture Design
  • MCD – Modular Curriculum Development/Acquisition
  • IAD – Instructional Activity Development/Acquisition

The Lesson Map is a part of MCD and IAD.


lean-ISD (1999)

Click on image to link to the download page for the FREE PDF.

Note: the cover design for “lean-ISD” was created by the late Geary A. Rummler.

Note: Guy W. Wallace’s book “lean-ISD” – was a recipient of a 2002 Award of Excellence for Instructional Communication from the International Society for Performance Improvement.

lean-ISD is also available as a $15 paperback book – and $7.50 as a Kindle – for more and to order – please go – here.

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