T&D: Not All K/S Needs Are Equal

Or Worth Pursuing

It’s a Business Decision to address Knowledge/Skills Gaps – with Standalone Performance Support (SPS?), or Trained Performance Support (TPS?), or Training for Memory/Skill Capability (TMSC?).

Just kidding about the acronyms.

But maybe not. ;)


Un-Structured OJT and Informal Learning

When my Performance Analysis followed by an Enabling K/S Analysis are reviewed for potential treatment – and are rejected due to the client’s perceptions about the ROI – when compared to their other opportunities to Invest for Returns – in T&D or other process leverages – those identified K/S become Informal Learning that’s named – or what I’ve been calling Un-Structured OJT (since 1982).

Un-Structured OJT

When you have this – you also have the Analysis data behind it – from a Performance Model and a K/S Matrices – 2 of my key outputs from the Analysis Phase in my methods.

If you shared those with the Performers you’d be inching up Total Informal Learning (TIL?) to Marginally Resourced Informal Learning (MRIL?).

Needles In Haystacks/Datastacks

The trick would be – where did you store that data – from an Administrative perspective?

Was it something/somewhere where the Performers could “source” it? Or is it hidden in un-source-able files and folders?

That guarantees zero ROI.

Organizing for Performance Support

Here are 3 Blog Posts that addresses how I would organize all Performance Support for Performers:

2008: https://eppic.biz/2008/04/27/how-to-logically-intuitively-organize-content-for-a-wiki-for-process-workflow-performance-support/

2017: https://eppic.biz/2017/12/11/ld-an-organizing-scheme-for-performance-support-items/

2018: https://eppic.biz/2018/01/15/ld-organizing-curated-and-created-content-for-enabling-performance-competence/

How do you organize everything that could Support Performance? Please share.

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