T&D: Guidance Via Directory, Ensampler or Query

Performance-Based Instruction Leads to Performance

And sometimes to Learning.


In their Praxis Reports from September-October 1970 – Geary Rummler and Tom Gilbert presented their approach to what nowadays is called Performance Support or Workflow Learning. They called it Guidance – going back into the 1960s.

So – what’s Old – is New again.

They articulated 3 types of Guidance:

  • The Directory
  • The Ensampler
  • The Query


The Directory


The Ensampler


The Query


Your Guidance Graphic


It Wasn’t Easy Back in the Day – Either


Instead of Training…


Another Job Aid on Guidance


For more – see this hard to read/ marked up PDF – something from my metal file cabinets since 1979:

The 1970 PRAXIS Report – 1970 Praxis Report – Guidance vs Training

My Take: 3 Options for Instruction: Instead of Training – Or With Training – Or Just Training


Focus on the Performance Requirements – and Enable Them.

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