EPPI – A Little Bit HPT and a Little Bit TQM

A short 2:20 minute video cannot convey what I wish it could – but it can serve as an Advance Organizer – although it might raise more Questions than provide Answers or Insights.

But here goes… at 2:19 minutes…

The Big Picture of EPPI – side 1…

I’ve been a Process Guy before I understood what that could mean.

My head just works that way.

The Big Picture of EPPI – side 2…

Once you find Gaps – symptoms leading to roots – you need to swim upstream – so-to-speak – to fix the Enabler Provisioning Systems. They are different – for the most part – in every Enterprise. That’s tricky. So my model/framework is intended to guide one in figuring out what they are in someone’s specific Context. Context being everything.

I have 2 stages to EPPI – Enterprise Process Performance Improvement

Stage One (I) … to uncover the issues and establish the CoNC: Costs of Non-Conformance (to a standard) – and the CoC: Costs of Conformance (to a standard). Those concept/language come from TQM. They equate to ROI – where the CoNC is the R and the CoC is the I.

Then business decisions can be made as “what to do, when and for how much.”

Stage Two (II) is then to make the fixes/improvements – continuous improvement and/or discontinuous improvements. Which might look like this…

Imagine that in one scenario the fixes were: A) Significant Process Redesign; B) Significant Hardware/Software Development; and C) Significant Instruction Development.

Instructional Development – which is also called Instructional Design or LXD or ISD or… dozens of labels actually.

My Two Stage approach to that…

CAD = Curriculum Architecture Design and MCD stands for Modular Curriculum Development (your people sometimes call it ADDIE at times).

And IAD stands for Instructional Activity Development (a shortened version of MCD as the outputs aren’t full-blown Training programs).

Instructional Development

That Instruction could be both Job Aids and Training

Job Aids – sometimes standalone, sometimes embedded in the hardware/software, and sometimes covered in Training – when the Performance Context allowed for a Referenced Performance Response.

PLUS – Training – when the Performance Context demanded a Memorized Performance Response.

Context being everything – don’t you know.

And because the need going forward involved Newbies (New to the Job) plus Incumbents – sometimes the Instructional was Communications and sometimes Education as some of the Incumbents had sufficient Prior Knowledge meaning that they didn’t need any TRAINING.

I Owe It All To Many

Dozens and dozens of people actually. From the Worlds of HPT and TQM.

My short list – in that first video above included HPTers Rummler, Gilbert and Mager (Geary, Tom, and Bob) and TQMers Deming, Juran and Crosby (W. Edwards, Joseph, and Phil).

I’ve could have added many more here – and I addressed them all in my series of over 40 Blog Posts – and the Index for them all is – here.

Mo Videos – Longer Videos

This video is 8:49 minutes in length.

This one is 18:58…

This one is 10:59…

My Book – About EPPI

And then there’s this book from 2011…

That book is $15 as a Paperback and $7.50 as a Kindle – and for more/fo mo INFO please go – here.

And one more video – a warning of you will..


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