Effective & Efficient Lesson Maps

Effective because they are squarely aimed at the Performance Required Back-on-the-Job – and the Enabling Knowledge/Skills are derived from that view of Performance.

The APPOs – come from the Ideal Performance & Gap Data.

The DEMOs – come from the Ideal Performance & Gap Data.

The INFOs – come from the Enabling Knowledge/Skills Data.

Efficient – because an understanding of the “full range” of Target Audience data helps eliminate or emphasize – key Instructional Content – including data that paints a picture (a set of Personas) along the dimensions of:

  • Job Assignment Responsibilities and Variances across the Target Audiences
  • Prior Knowledge/Skills from prior Education and Variances across the Target Audiences
  • Prior Knowledge/Skills from prior Experience and Variances across the Target Audiences
  • Numbers by Locations
  • Learning Environment & Infrastructure Available

Of course, the set of Personals are either an average of those dimensions – requiring up to 5 Personas, or they show the range of variations – requiring perhaps up to 25 Personas to show the full picture.

An Example Lesson Map

I’ve trained (and certified) hundreds of people in my approaches to Analysis, CAD Design, and MCD Design – but I’m not sure that management allowed this to continue/happen – once the shift to easy-peasy eLearning came on the scene.

If you were someone who I or my staff trained back-in-the-day, I’d love to hear about your experiences since that time – and what you’ve Adopted and Adapted.

The Analysis Data is the Critical Enabler of Design of Authentic Instruction/Learning Experiences that will more likely Transfer (and Stick – with the right Receiving System properly in place) and is more likely to have a positive Impact to Results = using Business Metrics – so you aren’t forced to Measure and Report on: Intangibles, or Learning Activities.

And you can minimize the INFOs so that you can more quickly get to the DEMOs and APPOs…

My last 3 books addressed all of this – with an emphasis on different aspects of Instructional Development/ Learning Experience Development…


See all of my books on my Amazon Authors Page:



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