Meet the KRABBS

Crabs have pincers. Pincers are primarily used for removing objects out of material that they have been previously applied to.

This is me, crabbing, about those who have taken my Intellectual Property (IP), secured through legal efforts after we closed SWI, Svenson & Wallace, Inc., back in 1997, and declared on their website a couple of decades ago, that my IP were their proprietary methods.

I asked them to address that in 2003, and they simply refused.

When we decided to end SWI – due to my divorce from one of my two business partners, we each owned one-third of the collective IP of our firm, 15 years after we joined forces. So then it took a little legal wrangling for me to secure my IP and that horse-trading involved lawyers and months and months before it was settled satisfactorily.

Once, when I had proof positive of the pinching/pilfering of my IP by these bottom-feeding Crabs/KRABBS, my lawyers told me I could spend $250-500k and not be assured of winning. Quite frustrating.

Classified as bottom-feeders, crabs, or KRABBS, is quite apropos, IMO.

They know who they are. And those who deal with them should know who they are as well.

The worst part of this is that I had agreed to allow all others to use my IP in their work, but with crediting back to me as the creator, inventor, and owner of the same – which these KRABBS refused to do from the very beginning. They may not be alone in this, sadly.

One of the key lessons I learned early in my career was the importance of trying to give credit to those who have taught me what I know and how I have applied it.

It’s disappointing that those I trained and entrusted didn’t pick up on that.

Beware the KRABBS in your professional practices – and don’t be one yourself.


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