L&D: Performance Guidance

The Late Geary Rummler Called It Guidance

Others called it Job Aids and EPSS. Same Diff. IMO.

What is Important is that it gets the job done. Not just deliver Content.


This is my format for a Performance Model. I first learned to use this as a data reporting format after Interviews, Observations and Document Reviews in 1979.

But later that year I started doing what I now call a Facilitated Group Process and the format became a data Capture format as well. WYSIWYG.


It took almost a decade – until the late 1980s – that I settled on these 17 Categories for systematically deriving the Enabling Knowledge and Skills.

And in 1992 created the Awareness level when my clients at Illinois Bell worried what calling something a Knowledge item might result in (a 2 hour module!!!).


Sometimes Performers need to know the background Enabling K/S to perform. And sometimes they just need step-by-step guidance.

I use the Master Performers and Other SMEs in my Facilitated Group Process to make those calls. And you should too.


Contact me for more information – or scour my website for Free Resources – to help you climb a proven learning curve to successful, proven performance impact.

And please – give credit where credit is due. Thank you.

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