Marketing in T&D/L&D

Back in the late 1980s, I worked for the Marketing function of AT&T Network Systems and in particular their Product Management operations across 4 (and then 5) SBUs – Strategic Business Units.

They liked my Process-Orientation and asked me to help redesign their T&D (L&D) function from a Process Perspective.

This next graphic, from a 1994 newsletter – is an update of the model that I put together for AT&T Network Systems – and had also defined the Key Outputs (and Interium Outputs) and the Major Tasks (and not the Micro-Tasks) per Process-Family – which I later called Systems – bundles of Processes.

In the #8 sub-System – Marketing & Communications – there were 3 Processes – see the graphic below.

I have written about this framework – before – including in two books – and my 1999 book, lean-ISD, also introduced the framework – besides the introduction in quarterly newsletters going back to 1994.

See all of my books at:

And check out this recent “IDIODC” podcast – on Marketing:


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